Monday, October 24, 2016

Three men bread ind: Ejer sad in the sofa and watched television | Middelfart … – Fyens Stiftstidende

  • One had shown not counted, that there was a man at home, then the three twenty-bread ind in a home in Gelsted Friday eftermiddag.

A man bosiddende on Koldinghave in Gelsted fik sig no af a forskrækkelse Friday eftermiddag, then there pludselig stood three uindbudte gæster in his living room, while he sad on the couch and watched television.

According to the døgnrapporten from the police heard since, that it buldrede on gårdspladsen udenfor, but he troede, that it was next door, where came on besøg, and was therefore siddende.

the noises persist longer than was dog højere, and therefore rejser he sig alligevel op and pludselig stood there three people in the living room.

Since råbte af the uinviterede gæster, der stak af with the same and slap væk, that they kept for the door, so since not be able to follow after them.

Til sidst slap the door and kørte from the spot in a silver-grey stationcar – af mærket Peugeot or Citroën. Efterfølgende have since been able to ascertain, that a … to bryggerset was brudt op.

the Police will gerne be contacted at 1-1-4, if one has oplysninger, where can hjælpe in the saw.

Where is the signalement on the one af indbrudstyvene, which is described as a man of 180 centimetres, a thin af building and dark in the skin.

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