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Thoresen was the hero for Norway: - I scored in the nick of time - TV 2

Norway can thank Patrick Thoresen that they stand with six points after two matches in hockey World Cup.

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Norway – Denmark 3-2 (1-0, 1-0, 1-2):

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Stockholm / Bergen (TV 2 Sport): Norway won their opening match in Hockey World Cup 3-1 against Slovenia on Saturday and followed up with a very important victory against Denmark on Sunday evening.

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– I scored in the nick of time. We were not really in this fight, especially in the third period. The Danes took advantage we might be a little tired. But we can decide in the final minutes is just lovely

Struggled to win
Sunday was the Norwegian iskrigerne favorites again and felt the pressure since the supposed toughest competitor for fourth place, Switzerland, took two points against Canada a few hours in advance.

Mats Trygg made enough of a Norwegian dream start, and everything looked good when Anders Bastiansen hammered into 2-0. Five minutes into the third period reduced Steffan Lassen of Denmark. Mads Bødker offset to 2-2, but two and a half minutes before finally emerged Patrick Thoresen up and became the great hero with his backhand goal.

– I scored in the nick of time. We were not really in this fight, especially in the third period. The Danes took advantage we might be a little tired. But we can decide in the final minutes is just lovely, says Patrick Thoresen to TV 2 Sport shortly after the match.

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– Can change me
Anders Bastiansen Norway scored 2-0 goals. It was 32-year-old’s third year at the World Cup.

– That I’ve scored three goals show that I can change myself, even at the age of 32 years, he grins to TV 2 Sport after the game.

– But you did well this exciting?

– I think we play two very good periods. When Denmark insert 2-1-goal so it is natural that it gets a little nervous for our part. But now we have played two matches and drawn the longest straw in both, and we are happy with, he says.

– It was well physically out there?

– Yes, but we knew that Denmark is a physical layer. They are well organized and it makes it difficult for us to create chances, says Bastiansen.

class=”articleInlineImage c8″> Saved NORWAY: Patrick Thoresen. SAVED NORWAY: Patrick Thoresen. Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

– The sacrifice something nasty
– The guys sacrifice something nasty. We play mentally and quiet at the end, and after situation where Tollefsen was injured so lit enough the guys a little extra. They kept their cool, summed coach Roy Johansen MAX after the game.

Ole-Kristian Tollefsen had to leave the ice just before the end of a stretch in the back. He expected to be ready for the match against Canada on Tuesday.

– But it was not all that went wrong?

– It is clear that it is not good enough that we are not able to withstand the first goal for Denmark. And secondly, we are a little perplexed. Moreover, we lacked a little flow. But there are three points and it pleases, said Johansen.

– What do you say about six points in two games?

– Yes, there have been two great fights with great entertainment. The boys sacrifices some violently. But we are not at the same level as last year. Now we have played two tough games and can lower your shoulders somewhat, said national coach.

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class=”articleInlineImage c8″> CANCELLED: Denmark got this goal void against Norway. CANCELLED : Denmark got this goal annulled against Norway. Photo: Larsen, Hakon Mosvold / NTB Scanpix

– Too many penalties
Norway took a 1-0 lead after scoring by Mats Trygg already after one minute and three seconds into the first period.

But coach Roy Johansen was not happy with any penalty minutes Norway incurred.

– We get three penalties and too much outnumbered. It is good effort and guts in duels, but must avoid these penalties, said coach Roy Johansen after the first period was played in Globen.

second period made Norway a number of chances. First three minutes remaining in the period succeeding the careful to score. Anders Bastiansen thumped 2-0 lead after a beautiful shot. It was Färjestad-pro his third goal in the World Cup so far. Denmark got a goal annulled in the final minutes by the use of high-sticked by Philip Larsen. The judges took the decision after video refereeing.

See interview with Anders Bastiansen after 3-2 win over Denmark (article continues below):

Tollefsen out with injury
Norway opened the third period to incur his seventh two-minute so far in the game. Five minutes into the period reduced Steffan Lassen of Denmark.

And ten minutes before the final whistle the score Denmark surprising to 2-2 by Mads Bødker.

2:32 before finally secured However, Patrick Thoresen victory for Norway and three valuable points.

In the final minutes of the third period to Captain Ole-Kristian Tollefsen of ice damage. He hit her head on the boards. There was more bad news for Norway, for the Norwegian captain was the best on the ice against Denmark. Teams doctor said that Tollefsen has incurred a stretch in the back, but they hope to have him ready for the match against Canada on Tuesday.

class=”articleInlineImage c8″> SCORE: Mats Trygg scored for Norway in the first period. SCORE: Mats Trygg scored for Norway in the first period. Photo: Larsen, Hakon Mosvold / NTB Scanpix

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– Unfavorable with victory for Switzerland
In another match of the Norwegian World Cup team Sunday beat Switzerland surprising Canada. TV 2 expert Bjorn Erevik think there is an advantage for Norway.

– It was very unfavorable that Switzerland beat Canada. We have seen for us to meet Switzerland in a match that will decide fourth place, but as it is now, we must take care of Belarus, Denmark, we must still beat Switzerland, but in addition also either the Czech Republic, Sweden or Canada. It looks like this now, he said to TV 2 Sport.



– With Sweden’s defeat against Switzerland, the group was more obvious, and it’s really awful that they manage. It’s early yet, but there is no doubt that it is very much difficult for Norway to reach the quarterfinals now if Switzerland does the job against teams they should beat and there are some “normal” results, according hockey expert.

Norwegian team against Denmark:
They played the match against Denmark:

Goalkeepers: Lars Haugen (from the start), Lars Volden
1 Column: Jonas Holøs, Alexander Bonsaksen – Mads Hansen, Per-Åge Skrøder, Patrick Thoresen
2 Column: Mats Trygg, Ole-Kristian Tollefsen – Anders Bastiansen, Ken Other Olimb, Mathis Olimb
3 Column: Daniel Sørvik, Henrik Solberg – Marius Holt, Martin Røymark, Kristian Forsberg
4 Column: Henrik Ødegaard – Lars Erik Lace, Morten Ask, Andreas Martinsen

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